Selfish roommate

I hate our room mate, he smells like a dying corpse, he takes drugs and he is bi polar. I swear, if we can’t find a way to move soon, i will literally rip my hair out. He is creepy beyond anyones understanding, i have never met anyone as homely or immature than he is. At 24, he blames everyone but himself for his problems, has only had 3-4 girlfriends and hasn’t been in a relationship since 2012. I am sick of seeing his ugly face, I have tried living with him for a year now and I have had it! I will not raise my son around such a miserable creature.

Sadness will consume you

It is hard to be positive when you live in a evil world. No one can break the curse of money, it has a hold on our souls. Today’s society forces both mom and dad to work, leaving children alone an unattended. If the parents can afford it, after school care or day care helps but, no one is teaching your child life’s lessons. In fact, 9/10 times they are being bullied or being the bully. There is no sense in our system anymore. Women are working through out their pregnancies, some of them get fired for being pregnant(like me) and are left with no income or maternity leave. This is the way America has us living, by treating is like dogs in exchange for a minimum wage job that has no stability. Sadness overcomes me as I have lost out over $3,000 or more in the last 6 months. I am 33 weeks pregnant and still nothing has been done about my lost wages. I am one of thousands that this happens to, every week. How can people stand to look at themselves in the mirror when they fire a pregnant woman? They must be too blind to see their ugly reflection.

I want to do this for my water birth!!!!