Over my head

So, yet again i’ve bit off more than I can chew. This time though, you’re stuck with me, I can’t leave. I thought this would work, I’ve put so much time into you and our lives.

What would happen if I left?

I don’t think you would be that upset, then again, maybe you would. I broke away from my friends and family to save you from a life of pain and drugs.. honestly I know if I hadn’t you’d be with someone else.

Did I do the right thing?

There are alot of questions I ask myself daily that still go unanswered. I hope our child grows up knowing you loved me instead of growing up wondering why we are so distant towards one another. I keep hitting rock bottom in my emotions with you.

What I still don’t understand is how one moment you want to love on me and be around me and the next you say I need more friends and you need space..

Please, tell me what it is you want.

Face Down

Hey, girl, you know, you drive me crazy..
But you know if he doesnt stop you’ll have to do something.
We dont understand why you hang around and we see what goes down. You dont have too cover up too much in the mirror but you still tell yourself, it won’t happen again..

You cry alone and then he swears he loves you, but also swears he wont work hard for something he doesnt really want in the first place.

Do you feel like a man as you push me around? Do you feel better when you throw me on the ground?

My friend, this is abuse, this is not love, love is not blind when care gentleness, faithfulness and self control are involved.

If your man is abusive, leave him, dont let him keep doing it.

What did I see in you

All I want to do right now is watch you suffer, you brat, you beat me up, apologize, then turn around and abandon me for some fat ass. I hope you like your women floppy and disgusting because that’s how low your self esteem is. Retard.

Get over it

You will never be his type, you will never sparkle in his eyes, all you do is give him headachs…

Hold onto something

Why is it so hard to be nice to someone you love, is it because all they do is live to see you cry or is it because its hard to live and be around others?

Whatever the case, this person is not happy with themselves or, you. This person is unhappy and wants everyone to suffer, including you.
No matter how hard you try or how long it takes to express yourself to them, they just, dont, care. Nothing matters to them except existing and being selfish. Why? So they can drown in their own shitty emotions and live their life, negativly.

Once you fall into a cycle it is very, very hard to come out of. Relationships are hard to keep, especially when you know its a good one and it is worth having. Once, once, I knew how to talk to you, once, once, but not anymore.

There is an emptiness there and its sad and bitter. Forget me or forget me not, im waiting here, patiently.

Happiness is a warm gun

How about we take the most attractive guy with all the right qualities and turn him into an asshole when he hits age 21? Sounds about right for the guy ive been dating for the last two years.

I just wanted you to love me like I love you. That was all I wanted and unfortunatly, you have no regard for anything I want. “You know what bro, you should just do what I do and tune her out, it doesnt matter what she wants.”

When you said that I died inside, there really is no way to re kindle that fire, it went out for good.

I guess I just won’t ever be good enough.

I get it now

In a perplexing yet relieving way, you are in desperate need for attention from anything that moves. I was so concerned as to why you were acting in such a manner and now i see, you forgot where you stood. When we decided to do this, i was sobbing and you were consoling me. In my defense, you stole my car, got three huge hickies, and lied about where you went. You are quick to forget and jealousy follows. Your friend likes me because im a kind hearted person, you get jealous and think irrational things and that is the start of an unhealthy cycle. I told you i love you, i told you im here for you. You dont listen because you dont care but i know you too well, you also have a real problem with hearing, in general. I wish you could see im here to help you and myself grow, for us to grow, together..